Throughout history, humans have used stories to illustrate their lives and communicate with each other. A story is the fastest way to help your audience understand what you mean. And with just a handful of storytelling techniques - and cutting-edge technology - you can frame current customer experience insights and deliver future insights before the story is even told.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to use story archetypes that echo across cultures, continents, and history to better understand your customer insights

  • Review real life customer experience successes from Best Buy and the Automobile Association

  • Explore how Forsta technology can help tell the untold story and discover chapters you’ve never seen before


30 minutes

Featured Speakers:

Giles Whiting

Giles Whiting
COO & Managing Director, CX/EX, Forsta

Giles heads up our CX/EX business. He’s passionate about building and leading high-performing teams on their mission to deliver the best technology in the market for customer experience. Former athlete and veteran, Giles knows a good story when he sees it. 

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