Online Reviews – Your cheat code for better performance

Are you leveraging your local marketing to drive performance?

Join Zack Hamilton, Executive Practitioner, to learn how to make the most of your local marketing using an often untapped source of differentiation – your local reviews. Zack walks you through why you can’t afford to miss out on using online reviews to your advantage, and how to implement an online review strategy for best results, with real-life successes.

Key takeaways:

  • How to use online reviews to identify opportunities for differentiation

  • How to leverage those opportunities to prioritize changes and improvements

  • How to make sure you get real changes that drive business results

Tuesday, 21st March

30 minutes

Featured Speakers:

Zack Hamilton

Zack Hamilton
Executive Practitioner, Forsta

Zack Hamilton recently joined Forsta as Executive Practitioner, Human Experience (EX + CX) . Zack brings a wealth of experience from the industry side leading experience strategies, as well as leading experience management tech companies.

His career began in operations at brands like LA Fitness and Aaron's. While at Aaron's, Zack help multiple roles in operations, marketing, eCommerce, and sales strategy. He also launched strategic customer-centric initiatives and built the Customer Experience Strategy prior to departing for Medallia.  While at Medallia, Zack was the Principal and Global Head of Retail Experience.
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