How research agencies can thrive in a downturn

Research agencies who combine leading-edge software with deep human expertise will be strongly positioned to create value for their clients - whatever the economic climate.

But how do you execute on this?

And how do you maximise the Human Experience opportunity in a downturn? In this expert webinar and panel discussion we'll share four strategies you can adopt to drive results for your clients, thrive in a tightening market and unlock future growth.

Key takeaways:

  • How to build client value, drive revenue growth and enhance agency profitability

  • Growth-enhancing opportunities for agencies

  • Key attributes to assess when choosing a technology partner

Tuesday, January 31

40 min

Featured Speakers:

Bob Hull

Bob Hull
Vice President, North America New Business, Forsta

His early career focused on the operations side of things, managing several call centers along with associated training and quality departments.
From there, he moved on to business development and client relations where he has built and maintained sales practices across Consumer Insights, Predictive Modeling, and Big-Data Analytics. His entire career has been about collecting, processing, reporting and generally helping people leverage data to grow their businesses.
Bob received his undergraduate degree from Temple University, and later earned his MBA from Villanova.
Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens
Founder, Insight Platforms and What Next Strategy & Planning

Mike is a leading consultant and publisher at the intersection of technology, research and analytics. He has over 20 years’ experience in agencies, software and consulting firms including Kantar, Alida (formerly Vision Critical) and KAE: Marketing Intelligence. He works with research teams, technology companies and agencies to help them build skills, choose partners and plan for change. His website, Insight Platforms, is the leading directory, events and e-learning resource for digital research methods and tools.
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